A Journey to listen to the voices of CHANGE across a nation.

"What if... I drove around the country to find out what Americans of all political and social backgrounds are thinking about change?"
-Mary Clare

EX:Change began with a question, "What if?" 

What if I took a road trip on the highways of the continental U.S and stopped to listen along the way -- to find out what we as American people mean when we say we want change?

What if I asked, What does change mean to you?  How will you recognize it?  What do you want to have remain the same? 

What if I listened beyond the political rhetoric to hear the practical ideas at the heart of our shared wisdom?

What if, through what I learned from everyday Americans, EX:Change could open a door for dialogue across our differences and help build a stronger, more informed and more responsive national sensibility?

  "What if?" 

October, 2011--

the book is out!!!
100 Voices -- Americans Talk about Change

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March 2012--
Wisconsin Public Radio
AT ISSUE with Ben Merens

3/14/2012 - 5:00 p.m.
[program code] 120314M 

January 2012--
Review in the Lewis & Clark Chronicle

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    Voices of Change

    Mary Clare drove cross-country over the first 100 days of the Obama administration to  capture and share conversations about change. 
    by Dave Jarecki

December, 2011--
100 Voices - Americans Talk about Change

Mary Clare Alumna Shares 100 Voices

September, 2009-- 
EX:Change featured in local Portland paper
September 2009 front page 
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